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All are natural stones, but all have a different look and characteristics. Quartzite and granite are the hardest of the stones. Marble, limestone and travertine are softer and as a result are more pours and acid sensitive.

Granite is a natural that comes from the earth and has unique colors and veining, engineered stone is man made and has a consistency in color.

Yes, we prefer you go to the warehouse and select your slabs prior to us purchasing them.

Since we are not licensed for plumbing, we recommend you contact a licensed contractor for any disconnect and connect services needed. We will work with those contractors when it comes time to schedule the installation, so you have running water as soon as possible.

It depends on the material so that is a conversation to have once the material has been selected. Most stones already have a sealer on them and then we apply a sealer at the time of install. We also give the option of a warrantied sealing service and highly recommend it with softer stones such as marble, travertine, and limestone.

The standard overhang is 1.25”-1.75” from the face of the cabinet. The overhang for bar areas can be anywhere between 8-12” depending on the stone. Larger overhangs are possible with the use of additional support.

All materials for countertops are limited in size by the slabs available to make them. As a result, seams are necessary for material yield, safe transport, and successful installation. Seams are visible and can be felt, however we do our best to make the joints as tight as possible. We use a colored epoxy to join all seams and do our best to match the color of the stone to reduce the visibility as much as possible.

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